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Big Dog Steel

Wasteland High Skull Ring

Wasteland High Skull Ring

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Our Wasteland High Skull Ring is a reminiscent rebellious fusion of Eddie's Aces High altitude, and the raw essence of the Iron Wasteland! Crafted from exceptional quality stainless steel, this ring is not just an accessory; it's a symbol of untamed style and audacious charm.

A skull adorned with massive shades, exuding an air of mysterious coolness. It's the kind of swagger you'd find in the Mad Max realm, a nod to the Iron Maiden legacy, where every twist and turn of the Wasteland tells a story.

The Wasteland High Skull Ring is more than just a piece of jewelry; it's an anthem of rebellion, a statement of individuality. The skull, with an enigmatic smile beneath those oversized shades, is caught in the act – exhaling an essence of defiance, a reminder that in the Wasteland, conformity is left behind in the dust.

Crafted with exceptional quality stainless steel, this ring is a testament to durability and style, built to withstand the rugged landscapes of both fashion and the post-apocalyptic horizon.

Elevate your ensemble and embrace the Wasteland High lifestyle. Slip on the Wasteland High Skull Ring and let the echoes of Eddie's Aces High resound in the Iron Wasteland. Exclusively from Big Dog Steel, where every accessory tells a tale of rebellion and style  allure.

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