These are some of the queries we get most often

Where is your shop?

We do not have a physical shop. Big Dog Steel trades online and at various events as far as we can travel in South Africa. After payment has cleared, orders can be collected in Centurion

How long does it take to receive my order?

Big Dog Steel couriers with The Courier Guy only at this stage. Delivery time range from overnight, to up to about 3 business days as an usual maximum depending on the time your order is processed, the day of the week your order is placed, and where you are in South Africa. Delivery service is only on weekdays. You are also welcome to arrange your own courier to collect from us

How do I work out my ring size?

We recommend popping in to a local jewellery shop to get sized. As an alternative, install more than one ring sizing app on your phone, if you get the same size across these apps, that should be an accurate indication of your ring size. We use the American ring size system, we can convert SA or other sizes to our US size

I need a specific piercing, can you get it for me?

For piercings, we need a picture similar to what you're looking for, as well as the gauge, length and ball size. As much information as possible will only aid in hopefully assisting you find exactly what you're looking for

How do we get Big Dog Steel to trade at our event?

Send us a WhatsApp with details of your event. If our diary is open and your event meets our requirements, we would be so happy to join you!

I have an item I'd like engraved, can you do this for me?

For now, Big Dog Steel only engraves items purchased from Big Dog Steel

I would like an item custom made, how does this work?

WhatsApp a photo of what you'd like made to Big Dog Steel, or as close as possible to what you're wanting. Let us know what metal you'd like it made in, what stones you'd like if any, as much detail as possible. We will then work out a price for you, if you accept the quote, the process then starts. From date of deposit paid to delivery is approximately a month

I'd like to place an order, can this only be done on the Big Dog Steel website?

You are welcome to contact us by WhatsApp to chat about your needs. For payment, we will send you our banking details. It is important to note that we must wait for payment to clear in our account before releasing your goodies

Do you offer free delivery?

Yes, all order over R888 get free to-door delivery anywhere in South Africa

What is your WhatsApp number?

+27 79 288 6462





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