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Big Dog Steel

Star Tunnels [01079]

Star Tunnels [01079]

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Pair of Star Flesh Tunnels in surgical stainless steel

Gauge:  6

Our Plugs and in surgical stainless steel and titanium are perfect for your Stretched Ear Lobes. Our collection includes Ear Stretchers, Gauges For Ears, Ear Tunnels, Stretcher Ear, Tunnel Earrings, Plug Earrings, Small Ear Stretchers, Plugs and Tunnels, Tunnel Plug, Gauge Plugs, Flesh Tunnel, Tunnel Piercing, Small Ear Gauges, Ear Stretcher Plugs, Fake Plug, 0 Gauge Plugs, 2g Gauges, Silicone Tunnels, Fake Ear Plugs, Single Flare Plugs, Silicone Gauges, Ear Expanders, 2 Gauge Plugs, Ear Tunnels and Plugs, 00 Gauge Plugs, and many more!

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