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Big Dog Steel

Lucky 13 Gremlin Guardian Bell in Stainless Steel

Lucky 13 Gremlin Guardian Bell in Stainless Steel

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Lucky 13 Gremlin Bell

32mm high 23.7mm wide

Experience the magic of our Guardian Gremlin Bells - iconic charms beloved by motorcyclists worldwide. These enchanting bells are more than accessories; they're symbols of luck and protection on the road.

Legends speak of mischievous road spirits that target motorcycles, causing disruptions like those pesky "gremlins" you might have encountered in your bike's systems. Our Guardian Bells are here to keep those troublemakers at bay.

How do they work? The bell captures these unruly spirits, its constant ringing irritating them until they let go and flee. This ensures a safe journey, as they're forced to search for a rider without such protection.

To maximize their effectiveness, remember these guidelines:

1. A Gift of Love: The bell should be a gift, not a personal purchase, symbolizing the care of a friend or loved one.
2. Secure Placement: Attach it firmly to the bike's lowest frame point.
3. Pass It On: If the bike changes owners, remove the bell - it's meant for the original recipient.
4. Keep It Safe: A stolen bell loses its powers, as the playful gremlins take it along.

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