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Big Dog Steel

Carbon Black Hand Made Knife & Sheath

Carbon Black Hand Made Knife & Sheath

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Crafted in the heart of Pretoria, South Africa, these knives bear the mark of meticulous artistry. Their creator is a distinguished member of the Knifemakers’ Guild of Southern Africa (KGSA), the premier knife crafting association in sub-Saharan Africa. With over seven years of dedicated expertise, this skilled artisan, a true gentleman, passionately oversees every aspect of production from his own forge.

Behold this striking masterpiece – a sleek black-bladed knife paired with a low layer carbon fiber handle, exquisitely complemented by a matching black leather sheath. Beyond its aesthetic allure, this knife is engineered for versatility.

Whether for self-defense with its slim, wicked tip, or as an indispensable everyday carry companion from wilderness to kitchen, it promises unparalleled performance and style.

   * 1095 carbon steel, coated in a double layer of Cal Gard coating.
   * A 200mm hollow grind on both edges, creates a slim and light blade.
   * The top edge is not sharpened, but is contoured to make this quite possible.
   * The edge has an apple-seed edge that is easy to hone.
   * A "shark fin' on the spine forms a natural thumb rest.
   * The "pectoral fin" forms a finger guard, should stabbing be required.
   * In a "pinch grip" in the kitchen, it is a rest for the forefinger, surprisingly comfortable...

   * The handle is low layer Carbon fiber with a Formica liner and Carbon Fiber pins.
   * The low layers from wonderful pattern in the light.

    * This knife has a hand made bovine leather sheath.
   *  The Sheath is coloured dark brown to fit in with the knife's handle.

    * Blade = 135mm
    * Total = 255mm

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