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Big Dog Steel

Big Five Leopard Head Zippo [201-MP400509]

Big Five Leopard Head Zippo [201-MP400509]

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Part of a Big Five series, the Leopard, the most elusive of the big five on antique brass base

Step into the realm of Big Dog Steel, your ultimate haven for all things Zippo. Embark on a journey to discover the pinnacle of resilience, refillability, and enduring excellence embodied by Zippo.

Behold the Zippo Windproof Lighters – Engineered for a Lifetime
Immerse yourself in the unrivaled durability and artistry woven into every Zippo creation. These extraordinary lighters and accessories transcend mere longevity and refillability; they are meticulously crafted to be your eternal companion.

Incomparable Durability and Artistry
Each Zippo lighter arrives in a tastefully designed gift box, making it the quintessential choice for a special gesture. What distinguishes Zippo is the distinctive "click" that resonates upon ignition, an unequivocal testament to the authenticity and artistry imbued in these extraordinary lighters.

Peerless Windproof Design
Crafted entirely from metal, Zippo lighters boast a windproof design, ensuring unwavering performance in any weather condition. Whether facing turbulent gusts or demanding outdoor scenarios, Zippo lighters stand steadfast. Rest assured, all Zippo windproof lighters proudly bear the mark of American craftsmanship, meticulously manufactured in the USA.

Lifetime Guarantee for Tranquil Assurance
In a commitment to instill confidence in your choice, Zippo extends a lifetime guarantee, assuring flawless functionality. In the rare event of any issues, Zippo pledges to rectify it for free. This unwavering dedication to quality and customer satisfaction sets Zippo apart.

Refillable for a Lifetime of Utility
Zippo lighters not only endure but also embrace refillability, ensuring a lifetime of service. For optimal performance, authentic Zippo fluid, butane, flints, and wicks are recommended. Adhering to these guidelines enhances the endurance and functionality of your Zippo lighter.

Indulge in Timeless Sophistication and Unmatched Performance
Invest in a Zippo lighter destined to accompany you through countless cherished moments. Secure your Zippo today and revel in a lifetime of dependable use. Explore our diverse Zippo collection, featuring engraved options perfect for gifting or personal indulgence. Select the ideal Zippo for him or her, and elevate your style with a dash of personalized engraving.

Custom Engraving – A Personal Touch
At Big Dog Steel, we take pride in offering bespoke engraving services for Zippo lighters. Infuse your Zippo with a personal touch by having it engraved with your desired design. Connect with us via WhatsApp at 079 288 6462, and our dedicated team will enthusiastically bring your personalized vision to life.

Swift and Trustworthy Delivery
Recognizing the significance of prompt delivery, our service endeavors to minimize the time between you and your Zippo. While Zippo delivery may extend the timeline by 1-5 days (excluding engraving customization time), rest assured that we strive for expeditious delivery.

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