Thinking of Getting Your First Piercing

Thinking of Getting Your First Piercing

Right, so you’re considering getting your first beautiful piercing but you’re just not sure which piercing would be right for you? Don’t worry – Big Dog Steel is right here to assist you in making a good choice!

Generally, piercings are divided into three categories; extreme, moderate and beginner piercings. While initially pain is most certainly a factor, this is not the only factor to consider when getting a new piercing. The complexity of the piercing, location of the piercing as well as healing time should also be considered. Ideally your first piercing should be one that is less likely to get knocked or hooked just be doing everyday tasks.

Undoubtedly one of the most popular first piercing would be the earlobes. They usually heal within up to two months, since they had no cartilage. The pain of earlobe piercings is minimal and most people heal pretty quickly. Either one or both earlobes can be pierced, later on you may even decide to stretch the lobes for a huge variety of stunning jewellery options.

Earlobe Piercing

The nostril is another good first piercing. This would take longer to heal than an earlobe as this is a cartilage piercing. Typically, it would be fully healed within three to six months. Nostril piercings are widely considered to be relatively painless, but this would largely depend on your pain threshold. You are unlikely to have it hook on things since the location is really out of the way, so aftercare is quite simple. Be conscious of your new piercing when washing and drying your face. The loops of the fabric of towels can very easily be caught on the nose piercing when you pull it away from your face, resulting in quite a nasty surprise. A really nice factor about this type of piercing is the huge variety of jewellery options that Big Dog Steel has. Open nose rings, nose bones, nose studs, curved nose studs, L-shaped nose studs, straight nose studs, wrap around nose studs come in so many styles, surgical stainless steel or titanium, as well as varied gauges, diameters and lengths. There is definitely something for everyone!

Nostril Piercing

Another stunning piercing for beginners, great and sometimes overlooked is a tongue piercing. Here, neither skin or cartilage is being pierced. This muscle heals differently. Many would say a tongue piercing is just about painless, depending of your pain tolerance obviously. Within six to eight weeks your tongue piercing could be fully healed when properly cared for. Your speech may be affected for a couple days as you’ll have swelling. To reduce swelling, try sucking on ice cubes. Your professional piercer will give you advice on aftercare, like avoiding spicy food, smoking, kissing and so on, its important to follow their advice. You have an open wound in your mouth until it heals!

It is crucially important that you go to a certified piecer. We strongly advice against going to a retail shop that uses a piercing gun. These guns are not easy to sanitize and can’t be adjusted for the location or thickness of your new piercing. Please avoid piercing guns at all costs! Leave immediately and go elsewhere if a piercer wants to use a piercing gun on you. No amount of saving or convenience is worth the problems you could end up with.

These are the three piercings we recommend you get started with if you want to give piercing a try.

Do your research and check out as many professional piercers in your area, never hesitate to ask the piercer as many questions as you have. This is your piercing and your body, you have every right to ask them as must as you need – there is no such thing as a silly question! They are not the right piercer for you if they make you feel bad for asking questions.

We wish you the best of luck on your piercing journey. We are certain that your first piercing is most likely not going to be your last piercing. You’ll probably be making a wonderful wish list of all the piercings you want to get. It’s a beautiful habit!



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