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Big Dog Steel

Mjolnir in Surgical Stainless Steel [01632]

Mjolnir in Surgical Stainless Steel [01632]

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Mjolnir in Surgical Stainless Steel pendant

47mm high

25mm wide

* pendant only included, any other item/s in photos for display purposes only

The quality of our Surgical Stainless Steel Pendants is truly superb! As reflected by our many 5-star ratings. Big Dog Steel Pendants do not tarnish or change colour. Ever. Within our collection we have stainless steel Pendant, Pendant Necklace, St Christopher Pendant, Pendants, Cross Chains for Men, Gold Pendant, Cross Pendant, Gold Cross Pendant, Pendants For Men, Saint Christopher Pendant, Diamond Pendant, Mens Pendant Necklace, Gold Cross Chain, Tree Of Life Pendant, Chain Pendants, Evil Eye Pendant, Heart Locket, Pendants For Women, Silver Cross Pendant, Crystal Pendant, Thors Hammer, Mjolnir, Mjolnir Meaning, Captain America Mjolnir, Lifting Thor's Hammer, Mjolnir Thor, Mjolnir Hammer, New Thor Hammer, Mjolnir Norse Mythology, Thor Hammer for Sale, Real Thor Hammer, Hela Destroys Mjolnir, necklace pendant, pendants, chain pendants, mens pendant necklace, necklace and pendant, custom pendants, pendants for men, heart locket, cross pendant, cross chains for men, buddha chains, pendants & charms, jade pendant, and so much more

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