Custom Engraved Ring

A signet ring is a powerful tool akin to a signature, exclusive membership or appreciation to a family, club or organization. A signet ring is set apart from other rings based on an engraved symbol, a series of words or letters, or image on the ring that is representative of its wearer in some way

Our blank signet ring, is the perfect canvas for your unique symbol. Available in sizes 7 to 18 (USA sizing), its most likely to fit all size hands. Our stainless steel is of superb quality, these rings will never tarnish, change colour or leave any residue on your hand. Our stainless steel is also hypoallergenic

Since every logo, symbol or MC patch is uniquely different in detail and your preferences as far as placement and so on, engraving is on a quote basis. Please do contact us with the following information and we will reply to you with a quote as quickly as possible

Kindly WhatsApp us on 079 288 6462 with:

  • Picture of logo
  • Number of rings required

* these photos are for illustration purposes only

Custom Engraved Ring

Custom Engraved Ring

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